Decision Aid Software Smart Picker Pro

Smart Picker Pro is the leading software for aiding, analysing, and making decisions for complex multi-criteria problems. Smart Picker Pro is the ideal companion to help you: prioritize your choices, choose the best options, and justify your decisions.

Why you need Smart Picker Pro

More Data, More Choices, More Perspectives... Less time.

Successful organizations in government and industry make use of Smart Picker's products for rapid data insight, analysis, and to make decisions with confidence and transparency . Here's why.

Having clear insights and making the right decision in complex situations is crucial for every company, but...
  • How do you cope with conflicting criteria when faced with many options or alternatives?
  • How can you collaborate with many other decision stakeholders in a structured way?
  • How do you justify the final decision?

Smart Picker Pro provides solutions to all of these problems, while saving time and increasing efficiency.

Whether you're choosing a new car, working as a team to choose the best supplier for your business, or assessing potential future business strategies, Smart Picker can help with any choice.

By giving importance to each criteria in your problem, defining your specific preference parameters, Smart Picker Pro can tell you which option is right for you. Next, by factoring in the importance set by other decision stakeholders, you can decide as a group: Smart Picker is able to infer the best decision by group consensus.

Finally, your decision will be totally justifiable: Smart Picker is able to tell you which criteria influenced the choice the most.

Not enough? Smart Picker can also organise your choices into distinct, hierarchical groups. You'll be able to address even more complicated problems, such as the order in which to complete projects, or the desirability of job applicants for a position.

Smart Picker Pro has been used for different applciations: e.g.
  • Strategic Planning and Budgeting
  • Project and Product Management
  • Vendor and Human Resource Management
  • Transparency in the federal government
  • Quality Assessment

  • Procurement
  • Portfolio Management
  • Site Locations
  • Prioritization
  • Key Performance Indicator


My MBA students love Smart Picker because it is user-friendly and offers several analysis to support their decisions.
Smart Picker has been also useful to me. It helped to solve challenging problems with a high impact on the society.

Prof. Alessio Ishizaka (University of Portsmouth)

Smart Picker Pro is the perfect tool for us to use & teach decision aid for the improvement of innovation processes.

Prof. Laure Morel & Prof. Mauricio Camargo (University of Lorraine)

Scientific Background:

Smart Picker Pro implements the Promethee and FlowSort methods. Read More.